Union Worker Options

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As a unionized worker, you do not have the option of taking your employer to court. If you have a complaint against your employer, it must go through the union grievance process. The Ministry of Labour offers very little help in this area, so it is important to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced employment lawyer. At Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer, I can help you prepare and file a complaint while also providing advice to help ensure your case is not lost in the shuffle. I have been practising employment law in Ontario ever since being called to the Bar in 1997. Contact me in Guelph to review your case and seek legal advice on remedies.

Cambridge Lawyer Assisting With the Union Grievance Process

Unions are obligated to serve employees in ways that avoid arbitrary, discriminatory and bad faith actions, but if a union fails in this duty, an employee may file a grievance with the Labour Relations Board. A union might be performing the right duties, but they might be executing them incorrectly or in violation of your rights as an employee. As a union member, you have the right to know and the right to contribute to decisions being made in the union.

If your union is acting in bad faith or violating your right to fair representation in any way, your case may be worth pursuing, but precise strategy must be used in combination with following all union grievance procedures exactly. Otherwise, your case may never again see the light of day. I can help you ask the right questions and prepare your case properly.

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