Independent Contractor vs. Employee

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The important distinction between independent contractors and employees makes a significant difference in compensation, during employment and if a wrongful dismissal case arises. Some employers do not properly structure agreements with workers to define them as independent contractors, as they intend to. Workers may be under the impression that they are independent contractors when they have actually been full-time employees the entire time.You may have been dismissed from your job not realizing that you should have been receiving benefits, vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay and overtime pay while you were employed. You may be entitled to recoup these losses and to sue your former employer for damages caused by the discrepancy. Contact me at Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyers in Guelph to obtain a full evaluation of your particular case. If you suspect you may have been entitled to the benefits of an employee rather than an independent contractor, I may be able to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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Since 1997, I have been pursuing the fair treatment of employees and working exclusively to protect the rights of employees in Ontario. Ever since being called to the Ontario Bar, I have dedicated my law practise to knowing the ins and outs of employment law and all laws affecting employment law in Ontario.

If you deserve compensation for any reason, I can find grounds for it. I understand how important each case is for my clients and their families, and I pursue your fair and just compensation with vigour. You deserve to have your rights protected by a knowledgeable and highly qualified professional.

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