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Employment Law Firm Serving Guelph, Cambridge & Kitchener

Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyers in Guelph work diligently to protect the rights of employees in Ontario. I personally welcome you to come to my office and encourage a full discussion of your particular employment issue(s) in our first meeting.

Very few legal practitioners fully understand the intricacies of human rights or the issues under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA), Employment Insurance Act, and the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) and how they all interact from an employment law perspective. I have been working since 1997 with these types of matters, keeping informed of updates to the laws and issues in the workplace. I fight for my clients’ fair treatment and the protection of their rights.

If you have concerns about a recent wrongful dismissal, any form of discrimination, breach of a contract or non-payment of a severance package, contact me immediately. I can help you understand your rights, all aspects of documents and contracts, and your options. Call me at 519-821-5465 or contact me by e-mail to schedule a consultation.

Guelph Lawyer Advocate for Fair Overtime Pay and Other Employee Rights

I help guide workers from a variety of industries through complex and critical employment law issues. My office focuses on the individual needs of each client. I am devoted to working for your best possible outcome and fighting for the fair compensation you deserve. When your human rights have been violated in the workplace, you need a lawyer with a wealth of experience, resources and tenacity on your side to help you stand up for your rights in the legal arena.

With in-depth knowledge of what you are entitled to and the ins and outs of the Canadian legal system, I provide reliable services and advice you can trust to get the job done. Together, we will work for a successful resolution of your issues and help you move forward in life positively.

Contact Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer Today

As an experienced Guelph and Cambridge employment law lawyer, I can ensure your case is handled properly and that you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Contact me today by phone at 519-821-5465 or by e-mail to schedule a consultation.