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If you are an employee facing discriminatory practises or other questionable legal actions from your employer, it is easy to feel like you have no recourse.

You may have serious concerns about losing your job or not being able to find a new job if you take legal action. These are difficult issues to face alone. If you are concerned about your rights being violated in the workplace or about whether you were given a fair deal in a recent wrongful dismissal or severance package, an experienced employment lawyer like Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer can help you understand your rights.

For employers looking to ensure their compliance with all employment and labour regulations, it is invaluable to have input and guidance from an experienced lawyer. The best protection from costly litigation is to mitigate risk in advance. Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer will consult on all employment and labour needs, from the design of employment agreements to termination strategy.


Just wanted to sincerely thank you Peter for you wonderful support and fantastic approach towards resolve regarding a difficult period in my life. You are a terrific attorney and a great person. Also thanks so very much to Rachel a terrific asset to your organization!

Kevin M

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Employees in Ontario Have Rights

Since 1997, Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer has worked with individuals to fully understand their concerns and to explain the workplace rights that apply to employees in Ontario. We understand the importance of your job, and we know that you want to resolve your work-related issue as quickly as possible. At your first meeting, you will learn about the significant rights you have as an employee, no matter what industry you work in. We take the time to explain your options and ensure that you understand the importance of protecting your rights with professional legal guidance. We will work with you towards a fair resolution of any employer violations against you.

We Represent Employees and Employers

Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer has over 20 years of experience representing employees and employers. He and his knowledgeable team of legal professionals in Guelph will work with employees to help them understand the applicable laws, their rights, and their chances for success in seeking fair and just compensation in wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, workplace harassment, union worker options and many other employment law issues.

They also work with employers to ensure fair treatment of employees and mitigate the employer’s risk of litigation or running afoul of the common law in Ontario and in Canada, which is ever-changing. They will help design and review contracts, workplace policies, termination plans and packages so employers can rest assured that they have mitigated their risk of liability.

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Whether you are an employee or employer facing a human rights concern or issues under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA), Employment Insurance Act, Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Standards Act and other laws, Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer in Guelph can give you the advice you need. Contact us at 519-821-5465 to schedule a consultation.