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Office representing workplace rights

Federal Employer Too Inflexible in Employee Transfer

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Bell Employee Terminated After Cancer Recovery Process

Photo of a woman from behind holding her shoulder with her hand, representing a workplace shoulder injury

Worker Successfully Appeals Denial of Workplace Injury Benefits

A dentist's examination room, representing the wrongful dismissal COVID-19 case of Gracias v. ias v. Dr. David Walt Dentistry

Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Expires This Month

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When Employees Are Fired From Two Employers at Once

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Employers Need More Guidance on the Right to Disconnect

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What You Need to Know About Your Employment Contract

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Women Warriors Are Here to Stay’ – Military Sexual Misconduct Report Released

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Workplace Sexual Harassment: When the Customer or Shareholder isn’t Always Right

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Employee’s Lawyer May Examine Company President in Wrongful Dismissal Litigation Process

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Employers Must Consider Pandemic Impact When Calculating Severance

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Outsourcing in the Digital Age and Wrongful Dismissals

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Employee Awarded $450,000 After Office Birthday Party

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Wrongfully Dismissed Employee Awarded Retiree Travel Privileges Worth $1.8 Million

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Affordable Help is on the Way for Working Parents

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Unwanted Touching And Dismissal: Wrongful Termination, Just Cause, Or Wilful Misconduct?

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Employment Law News Roundup: Misconduct, Racial Insensitivity, Workplace Mask Mandate Conflicts, and More


Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds 26 Month Notice Period for Manufacturing Operator

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Update on Expansion of Workplace Rights in Ontario

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The Right to Disconnect Advances for Bankers and Other Federal Employees