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Ontario Court Certifies Class Action Against Uber

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Workplace Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Assault – Court Clarifies Distinction in Wrongful Dismissal Appeal

COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Mandated for Health Care Workers in Ontario, government announces

thin skull rule

Court Applies ‘Thin Skull Rule’ in Wrongful Dismissal Case

COVID-19 rapid testing

Arbitrator Upholds Employer’s Policy for COVID-19 Rapid Testing on Construction Employees

Hospital Workers Win Arbitration Case Over COVID-19 Pandemic Pay

Employee Injured Playing Ping Pong on the Job: Is It a Workplace Injury?

New Ontario Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety Notice and Reporting Requirements Comes Into Force

Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Jury Award of $150,000 in Punitive Damages to Injured Employee

Court Rules That Employee’s CERB Payments Be Deducted from Wrongful Dismissal Award

Court of Appeal Upholds $60,000 Award in Defamation Damages After Employer Sent Out Letter Bad-Mouthing Former Employee

Court Rules That The Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Regulation Bars COVID-19 Constructive Dismissal Claims

Employee Suspended for Deliberately Coughing on Co-Worker During COVID-19 Pandemic

Court Takes Notice of COVID-19 Pandemic in Assessing Constructively Dismissed Employee’s Mitigation Efforts

No Duty to Mitigate Where Employment Contract Contains Set Termination Amount, Court Rules

Court Rules That COVID-19 Layoffs Amounted to Constructive Dismissal

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Is One Incident of Sexual Harassment Enough to Justify Employee Termination?

Court Issues First Decision on the Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Regulation in COVID-19 Constructive Dismissal Case

Ontario Proposes New COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave for Employees

Quebec Becomes First Province to Mandate Vaccines & Testing for Health Workers