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Employee Challenges Severance Package Offered by Employer


Ontario Government Proposes Sweeping Changes to Province’s Employment Laws

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Severance Packages and Tax Minimization: A Guide for Ontario Workers

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Court Grants 27-Month Notice Period Due to “Exceptional Circumstances”

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Court of Appeal Applies “Changed Substratum” Doctrine to Invalidate Termination Clause in Employment Contract

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Anti-SLAPP Motion Arises Out of Workplace Sexual Harassment Inquiry

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Ambiguous and Overbroad Non-Compete Covenant Deemed Unenforceable

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Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Clauses: A Guide for Ontario Workers


Employee or Self-Employed?

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Shocking Treatment of Temporary Foreign Worker Leads to Significant Damages Award


Worker with Fixed-Term Contract Has Wrongful Dismissal Claim Denied


Creating a Safe Space for All Employees in the Workplace

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Sick Leave: A Guide for Workers in Ontario


Mislabelled Employee Awarded Damages of $65,000 Following Termination

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Court Does Not Accept COVID-19 as Justification for Frustration of Contract


Court of Appeal Finds Harassment Claims Create Pattern, Not Statute-Barred

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Ontario Court Strikes Down Bill 124


Airline Provides Minimal Notice to Long-Term Employee


Court of Appeal Focuses on Employee’s Attempts to Mitigate Termination

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New Employment Contract Contains Enough Variance From Existing One to Render it Void