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Misconduct in the Workplace can Impact Those in Charge

Big Vehicle

Can the Revocation of a Work Vehicle Amount to Constructive Dismissal?

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When Court Questions Credibility, a Summary Trial is Not Appropriate


Applying the Concept of Rolling Limitation Periods to Severance Payments

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The Importance of Specific Terms in Employment Contracts

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Termination Clause Void After Multiple Clauses Found Invalid

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Employee Seeks to Escape Arbitration Clause in Employment Contract

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Dentist Asks Court to Invalidate Non-Compete Clause

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Nurse’s Termination for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Found to Be Discrimination

Mining representing wrongful dismissal at a mining company

The Duty To Exercise Good Faith When Terminating an Employee

A computer screen showing stock price influctions, representing employee entitlements to Restricted Stock Units

Employee Entitled to Restricted Stock Units After Termination

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Employee Wrongfully Dismissed for Requesting a Raise

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Federal Employer Too Inflexible in Employee Transfer

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Bell Employee Terminated After Cancer Recovery Process

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Worker Successfully Appeals Denial of Workplace Injury Benefits

A dentist's examination room, representing the wrongful dismissal COVID-19 case of Gracias v. ias v. Dr. David Walt Dentistry

Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Expires This Month

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When Employees Are Fired From Two Employers at Once

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Employers Need More Guidance on the Right to Disconnect

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What You Need to Know About Your Employment Contract

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Women Warriors Are Here to Stay’ – Military Sexual Misconduct Report Released