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dating app

University Employee Fired for Using Dating App to Meet Students

Ontario Human Rights Commission Issues Policy Statement on COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Requirement

noncompete clauses

Two Employees Ordered to Pay Former Employer Over $1.1 Million Based on Noncompete Clauses

vaccination proof

Discrimination in Employment Based on Political Belief Complaint Filed Against BC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Proof Requirement

workers' compensation

Worker Barred From Suing Employer Directly For Workplace Injuries After Being Denied Workers’ Compensation


Ontario Court Certifies Class Action Against Uber

game pieces representing sexual assault

Workplace Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Assault – Court Clarifies Distinction in Wrongful Dismissal Appeal

COVID-19 vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Mandated for Health Care Workers in Ontario, government announces

thin skull rule

Court Applies ‘Thin Skull Rule’ in Wrongful Dismissal Case

COVID-19 rapid testing

Arbitrator Upholds Employer’s Policy for COVID-19 Rapid Testing on Construction Employees

Hospital Workers Win Arbitration Case Over COVID-19 Pandemic Pay

Employee Injured Playing Ping Pong on the Job: Is It a Workplace Injury?

New Ontario Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety Notice and Reporting Requirements Comes Into Force

Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds Jury Award of $150,000 in Punitive Damages to Injured Employee

Court Rules That Employee’s CERB Payments Be Deducted from Wrongful Dismissal Award

Court of Appeal Upholds $60,000 Award in Defamation Damages After Employer Sent Out Letter Bad-Mouthing Former Employee

Court Rules That The Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Regulation Bars COVID-19 Constructive Dismissal Claims

Employee Suspended for Deliberately Coughing on Co-Worker During COVID-19 Pandemic

Court Takes Notice of COVID-19 Pandemic in Assessing Constructively Dismissed Employee’s Mitigation Efforts

No Duty to Mitigate Where Employment Contract Contains Set Termination Amount, Court Rules