Documenting Your Job Search

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As a dismissed employee receiving employment insurance (EI), one is required to take all reasonable steps toward minimizing losses and seeking gainful employment. This principle is termed “mitigation.” That is not to say that one must take the first job that becomes available, especially if it is a job with lesser compensation, but it is critical to continue actively looking for a job. At Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyers in Guelph, I encourage clients and people I advise on the job search to take several important steps while looking for a job. These steps can save you from potential questions and concerns Service Canada (the agency that operates EI) might have as you continue applying for benefits:

  • Keep copies of all resumes and cover letters.
  • Document all positions applied for.
  • Do not forget to network with people other than online and to document all meetings and correspondence.

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Employment Insurance (EI) and a Dismissal Case 

I have practised employment law exclusively since 1997, when I was called to the Ontario Bar. In that time, I have noticed and represented people who have had issues arise when they have taken another job before a settlement in their dismissal case has been finalized. When this occurs, earnings from the new job are subtracted from the settlement in the case.

With my guidance, these issues can be avoided, and we can maximize the compensation you deserve. Understandably, if my clients’ lives are beginning to fall apart in the case, and they are living paycheck to paycheck or falling behind on bills, it makes logical sense for them to take a new job. I help my clients navigate the court system and the legal process in the way that can be most helpful for them, but not in any position that is harmful to their future. Your lawyer should be attuned and sensitive to your needs, goals and best interests in any case or situation.

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