Unfair Disciplinary / Warning Letters

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The first question you might have is, “How do I respond to an unfair disciplinary/warning letter?” This is a difficult question to answer. The wrong response can illicit an even stronger reaction from your employer. The right response can give you time and leave you with options that can protect your future. At Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyers in Guelph, I advise my Ontario clients with informative options specific to their particular situations. It is important to understand the reason for the letter or warning and to have it documented in detail. Keeping records in these situations is critical. At a later date, employers will sometimes describe employee actions with over-the-top language, fail to describe the event in detail and neglect to state what the wrong behaviour was in exact terms. This can make a claim difficult to quantify.Contact me to discuss the facts of your case, discover your options and assess potential damages. Call me in Guelph at 519-821-5465 or contact me by e-mail to schedule a consultation.

I can protect your rights and your future — in relation to this incident — and inform you of the laws affecting every aspect of your case.

Cambridge Lawyer Advising Employees Who Have Received Warning Letters

Even a warning letter does not justify a hostile work environment. If your employer has violated your rights in any way, or if a claim of misconduct is dishonest, you may have legal recourse to correct the situation.

Consulting with an experienced and highly qualified lawyer can help you address your concerns properly and efficiently. An unfair disciplinary/warning letter could be the basis for wrongful dismissal and/or a retraction of benefits that you and your family need.

You may be disciplined following medical care or mental health issues — matters that are both protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Canadian Human Rights Acts. Sometimes, it is difficult to raise these issues at work without disclosing too much about your personal life. I understand these issues, and I can guide you to making an informed and appropriate response to your employer.

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The compassionate guidance of a Kitchener lawyer experienced with reviewing unfair disciplinary letters can provide you with the assistance you need to ensure your fair treatment. Since 1997, I have been protecting the rights of employees exclusively. Contact me today by phone at 519-821-5465 or by e-mail to schedule a consultation.