Non solicitation / Noncompete Clauses

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Has your employer asked you to sign a nonsolicitation or noncompete agreement? Have you received a cease and desist letter from your former employer? When you move from one position to the next, you may have questions about the exact limitations on your new business based on any agreement you signed with a former employer.

These clauses are restrictive covenants with obligations to be adhered to by law; however, these clauses can be unreasonable and/or unlawful.

If you are in sales, or if you were a manager or executive with your former employer, you are more likely to have signed such a clause. Sometimes, however, employers may try to force these clauses upon people they should not in an effort to gain advantage.

At Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyers, I can help you understand the legal agreement you have signed, advise you on ways to legally work around the clause, define exactly what you are not allowed to do, and evaluate whether the clause is valid. Since 1997, I have been working on employment law in Ontario exclusively. My Guelph law practise is geared toward catering to your needs as an employee and helping you reach your objectives.

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Guelph Noncompete Clauses Lawyer

These situations can be distressing as you try to figure out how you can continue to work in your field under a former employer’s nonsolicitation or noncompete clause. We will discuss to what degree you are bound by the clauses.

I can work to help you devise effective solutions to your issues, and I can defend you against injunctions and lawsuits. Together, we will formulate the proper responses and defend your rights with thorough preparation. If necessary, I can seek the damages you deserve.

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