Severance Package Sign-Off Deadlines

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Do Not Sign Off on a Severance Package Without Legal Review

If your employer has given you a deadline for signing a severance package offer, do not feel obligated to respond to your employer’s timeline. As a matter of contractual law, the employer can give you a signing deadline, but it is not a legal limitation. The limitation period for bringing a wrongful dismissal claim is typically two years from the dismissal. Taking the time and the opportunity to have your severance package thoroughly reviewed by an experienced employment lawyer is to your advantage.

Since 1997, I have been working in the field of employment law. I know each side of the issue and the important concerns you should have with a severance package. I help employees obtain the best possible agreements available based on fair and just compensation. At Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer, I cater exclusively to the needs of employees in Ontario.

Contact me to review your severance agreement and discuss your options for further negotiations in pursuit of a fair agreement.

Exercise Your Rights

You have the right to ask your employer for some time to review a severance package, and you have other underlying legal rights that may not be served by the current draft of your severance package. I can help you understand how to best respond given your unique situation.

I can protect your rights and help you ensure that the agreement is fair. If it is not fair, or if there are grounds for a wrongful dismissal case, I will evaluate this for you and help you navigate through further legal action as necessary. First, I can help you work to improve the offer from your employer. If negotiations are not successful, I am prepared to help you evaluate and pursue the path that is in your future best interest.

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As a knowledgeable Guelph lawyer with your best interests in mind considering severance package sign-off, I can offer you knowledge and a network of resources to help you make the most informed decisions for your best possible resolution. Contact me today by phone at 519-821-5465 or by e-mail to schedule a consultation.