Getting Out of a Signed Release

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Do Not Sign a Severance Agreement Release Without Legal Review

Do not sign! No matter how tempting a severance package might be, it is to your advantage to have your agreement reviewed by an experienced and informed employment lawyer. Since 1997, I have been working for the best interests of employees in the broad range of employment law issues throughout Ontario.

Employers are hoping that you will not question a severance package. It is common practise to avoid reasonable notice of dismissal by offering employees severance packages, but it is rarely the best offer that you can obtain.

At Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer in Guelph, I can work for your best interests and/or advise you on how to properly respond to a severance package notice. Contact me to review and discuss your options for further negotiations. You are well within your rights to ask your employer for time to review a severance package.

Reasonable Notice and Severance Packages

When you are being dismissed from your job, you are entering a job market filled with uncertainty. If you are not leaving on your own terms and/or not prepared to move on to your next job, you are taking on a competitive disadvantage. This is the benefit of an advantageous severance agreement.

In this process, you are entitled to a notice period, which is defined as a reasonable timeframe for an employee to cover economic losses until he or she should have obtained another job. This timeframe could be grounds for a dispute. However, if you sign the release for your severance package, your options for dispute are severely limited. I might still be able to help you pursue negotiations or court action, but you will be in far better standing if you do not sign the release in the first place.

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