Employment Insurance Benefits

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I advise all my clients to apply to collect employment insurance (EI) no matter what the grounds for dismissal from their former employer may have been. Even if you were dismissed for misconduct or another reason that has angered your employer, Service Canada (the agency that operates EI) may not take the same view as your employer. In any case, it is helpful to have an experienced employment lawyer guide you through the application process. For workers who have experienced wrongful dismissal or constructive dismissal actions, it might be more difficult to obtain EI. If this is a factor in your case, I can provide you with an in-depth evaluation of your case and help you determine your options. Certainly, it is even more difficult to suffer job loss without the benefit of EI. Contact me to discuss your particular situation at Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyer. We can discuss the best approach for pursuing the compensation you deserve, whether that means filing suit against your former employer, negotiating the terms of your dismissal or preparing your EI application with complete professionalism.

Cambridge Lawyer Assisting Employees With EI Claims and Benefits

I can help you evaluate your eligibility for EI benefits, and I can help you defend your case against harmful comments from employers over the terms of your departure if necessary. Overall, EI benefit eligibility hinges on three main guidelines:

  1. One must go without work or pay for at least seven consecutive days.
  2. One must have worked enough hours during the qualifying period, specific to their region of the country.
  3. One must suffer an interruption of earning through no fault of his or her own.

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