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Constructive dismissal is a fundamental change to your current job that results in a diminishment of your role or position. A change in status or responsibilities can be embarrassing. It may make you feel unwanted or underappreciated. Employees in Ontario must be treated with decency, civility and dignity. If your employment contract is violated or your human rights are violated, you may have the basis for a claim and negotiations with your employer. Seeking qualified, knowledgeable and experienced legal advice from an Ontario employment lawyer should be your first step. Since 1997, I have provided employment law legal services to people throughout southern Ontario. From Peter A. McSherry Employment Lawyers in Guelph, I have helped them pursue recourse in a range of situations and industries throughout the province. When you are my client, I will work diligently to protect your rights and ensure your working conditions are not only legal, but free of discrimination and harassment. Contact me to discuss the facts of your case, discover the options you have and assess potential damages. Call me in Guelph at 519-821-5465 or by e-mail to schedule a consultation.

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Typically, you are given specific responsibilities in your job. If these responsibilities are not involved once you begin work or they are taken away at any point during your employment, you might be able to claim for damages on the basis of constructive dismissal. It can be a tactic employers use to push employees out, slowly taking away responsibilities or privileges, cutting wages or hours, or fundamentally modifying employees’ work in other ways.

Even if you have already quit your job, we can still work to provide evidence of constructive dismissal. It is to your advantage to review your case with an experienced employment lawyer. Your wrongful dismissal or frustrations on the job may have resulted from bad faith conduct on behalf of your employer.

I can help you seek the compensation you deserve. We may be able to work toward recovery of losses and damages to help you pay down debt, keep benefit coverage, seek employment insurance (EI), and/or improve your life and your job search in other ways.

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As an experienced and informed Guelph constructive dismissal lawyer, I can ensure your case is handled properly and efficiently. Contact me today by phone at 519-821-5465 or by e-mail to schedule a consultation and to protect your employment rights.