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Fixed term contract

Ontario Court: “Age is an Impediment” for Older Employees after Termination

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Workplace Sexual Harassment and Violence Intervention Training

Fixed term contract

Ont Court of Appeal Clarifies Position on Bonuses After Termination

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Is Employee’s Refusal to Relocate for Work Just Cause for Dismissal?

termination without cause

No Termination Without Cause for Federally-Regulated Employees

fixed-term contract

Terminating a Fixed-Term Contract

age discrimination

Summary Judgment Appropriate in Wrongful-Dismissal Cases

family status

Family Status Human Rights Violations in the Workplace

wrongful dismissal

Duty to Investigate Workplace Harassment

probationary period

Dismissal During a Probationary Period

wrongful resignation

Employees Must Give Reasonable Notice of Resignation

paternity leave

Dedicated Paternity Leave? The Feds Are Considering It


Miscarriage Considered to be a Disability

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Ontario Small Claims Court Awards $25,000 for Constructive Dismissal Following Maternity Leave

Fixed term contract

Ontario Court Orders Employer to Pay Termination and Severance Pay to Deceased Employee’s Estate

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Successor Employer Obligated to Provide Pension and Notice Pay to Long-Serving Employee, Ontario Court of Appeal Confirms

Ontario Court Concludes That Failure to Pay $328,000 Bonus is Not Constructive Dismissal

Reinstatement “Presumptive Remedy” for Retaliatory Dismissal under Occupational Health and Safety Act

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Ontario Court of Appeal Re-Confirms that Employer Must Provide Fresh Consideration When Introducing New Term of Employment


Canadian Senate Seeks to Prohibit Genetic Discrimination