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Toronto Man Claims UPS Discriminated Against Him Because of His Beard

family status

Recent HRTO case indicates new direction for family status discrimination claims


Ombudsman to Investigate WSIB Treatment of Mentally Ill Workers


Does My Employer Have to Give Me Time Off to Vote?


Third Parties and Discrimination in the Workplace

wrongful dismissal

Former HR Director sues CBC, alleging wrongful dismissal & conspiracy to terminate

drug testing

OHRC Announces Updated Policy on Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing


Employer Shuts Down: Unpaid Wages in the Hundreds of Thousands


Bracelet of Hope: The Battle of the Board Begins

age discrimination

Toronto Police Facing Allegations of Age Discrimination


Ontario Court of Appeal confirms unenforceable non-compete clause

Fixed term contract

Ontario Court: “Age is an Impediment” for Older Employees after Termination

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Workplace Sexual Harassment and Violence Intervention Training

Fixed term contract

Ont Court of Appeal Clarifies Position on Bonuses After Termination

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Is Employee’s Refusal to Relocate for Work Just Cause for Dismissal?

termination without cause

No Termination Without Cause for Federally-Regulated Employees

fixed-term contract

Terminating a Fixed-Term Contract

age discrimination

Summary Judgment Appropriate in Wrongful-Dismissal Cases

family status

Family Status Human Rights Violations in the Workplace

wrongful dismissal

Duty to Investigate Workplace Harassment