Category: Wrongful Dismissal

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Welder working representing wrongful dismissal

What Constitutes an Agreement to a Temporary Layoff?

Costco website on mobile representing a termination of an employee

Employee’s Deletion of “Pet Project” Website Leads to Termination for Cause

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Court Grants 27-Month Notice Period Due to “Exceptional Circumstances”

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Court of Appeal Applies “Changed Substratum” Doctrine to Invalidate Termination Clause in Employment Contract


Worker with Fixed-Term Contract Has Wrongful Dismissal Claim Denied


Mislabelled Employee Awarded Damages of $65,000 Following Termination

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When Court Questions Credibility, a Summary Trial is Not Appropriate

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Termination Clause Void After Multiple Clauses Found Invalid

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Nurse’s Termination for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine Found to Be Discrimination

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Employee Wrongfully Dismissed for Requesting a Raise

A dentist's examination room, representing the wrongful dismissal COVID-19 case of Gracias v. ias v. Dr. David Walt Dentistry

Infectious Disease Emergency Leave Expires This Month


Courts Consider Factors Influencing Reasonable Notice of Termination

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Ontario Court of Appeal Rules That Employee’s Refusal To Apologize for Sexual Comments Justified His Termination

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Court Applies ‘Thin Skull Rule’ in Wrongful Dismissal Case

Ontario Courts Address Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic and CERB Benefits on Wrongful Dismissal Claims

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Employer Obligations Regarding Ongoing School Closures

A man in a suit wearing a mask and carrying a box representing an employee let go during the pandemic

How Will Courts Handle Wrongful Dismissal in Light of COVID-19?

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Student Work Assistance and Return to Work Issues

An analog clock representing timing considerations for civil human rights actions

Human Rights by Civil Action

A pair of glasses resting on a document, representing the careful review of an employment contract

A Guide to Notice Limitations Upon Termination