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Employee or Self-Employed?


Creating a Safe Space for All Employees in the Workplace

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Employee Seeks to Escape Arbitration Clause in Employment Contract

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Employee Wrongfully Dismissed for Requesting a Raise

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Employers Need More Guidance on the Right to Disconnect

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Workplace Sexual Harassment: When the Customer or Shareholder isn’t Always Right

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Employee’s Lawyer May Examine Company President in Wrongful Dismissal Litigation Process

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Employers Must Consider Pandemic Impact When Calculating Severance

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Outsourcing in the Digital Age and Wrongful Dismissals

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Wrongfully Dismissed Employee Awarded Retiree Travel Privileges Worth $1.8 Million

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Affordable Help is on the Way for Working Parents

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Unwanted Touching And Dismissal: Wrongful Termination, Just Cause, Or Wilful Misconduct?

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Employment Law News Roundup: Misconduct, Racial Insensitivity, Workplace Mask Mandate Conflicts, and More


Ontario Court of Appeal Upholds 26 Month Notice Period for Manufacturing Operator

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Update on Expansion of Workplace Rights in Ontario

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The Right to Disconnect Advances for Bankers and Other Federal Employees

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Failure to Comply with Public Health Guidance Can Be Just Cause for Dismissal

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Third Wave of Coronavirus a Factor For Reasonable Notice

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A Promise is a Promise: When Employees are Induced and then Wrongfully Dismissed

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How to Calculate Overtime for Commissioned Salespeople